Funni Planet visualize different societies and traditions in humorous ways. 


Our first launch, the original and artistic drawings of each wonderful country traditions. 


1Sweden cover book.jpg

Funny Sweden is best enjoyed during

"fika" with some coffee and kanelbulle!

2english book cover rgb.jpg

Funny Britain is best enjoyed with eccles cake and a cup of tea!

3france book.jpg

Funny France is best enjoyed with oysters and champagne!


Wood coasters

Our beautiful detailed carved wood coasters can both be used as a wonderful souvenir from your travels in Sweden and as a strong long lasting coaster.  


Custom magnets

Our unique handpainted pictures are also avaliable as magnets. A truly original keepsake capturing the beautiful essence of charming culture.



Have you noticed that there are so many funny things happening around us? If only we keep our eyes and minds open. 

All countries have their own unique traditions and way of living that we want to visualize in a humorous way. These artistic drawings will either put a smile on your face or make you ask a local to explain.

Our products are created very much with Love and Goodwill in mind, to celebrate the people of our beautiful planet.

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Funni Planet is part of Stoflan AB - Founded in Sweden 2019

Funni Planet visualize different societies and traditions in humorous ways. 

We consider our products a tribute to the wonderful people of each country and hope that each drawing lead to both laughter and entertaining discussions among your family, friends and colleagues.

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